Other Related Projects

Other Related Projects

Due to the actuality of the topics approached by the call to which NEPTUNE is submitted (i.e. availability of water resources, sustainability of society and economic competitiveness of water technology) a significant number of projects are currently being executed in this and neighbouring research fields. For efficient resource allocation a good interlinking of NEPTUNE with ongoing research is therefore required. Even more so, due to the limitation of the resources, NEPTUNE is based very strongly on this interlinking. The spectrum of topics approached by NEPTUNE can only be covered, if complemented by ongoing projects and existing knowledge. Some important examples:

· An overview of treatment options for upgrading of municipal wastewater cannot be achieved without considering membrane processes; the very good contacts to projects covering these aspects (Reclaim Water, Amedeus/Eurombra, Poseidon, P-Three) allow NEPTUNE to cover the issue without devoting further experimental research on it.

· Similarly for the topic of options for sludge handling and treatment. The results of NEPTUNE (segregated sludge reuse and disposal, high pressure thermal hydrolysis, high temperature pyrolysis) require to be complemented with ongoing projects (Susan, Removals) as well as existing knowledge on alternative disintegration processes (e.g. sonication, ozonation) for achieving a comprehensive overview of options required by decision makers to select a process.

· The variety of compounds with potential to comply as micropollutants cannot be covered analytically by the budget foreseen in WP 3. NEPTUNE will choose compounds complementing the list of those already being studied in Poseidon, P-Three Reclaim Water and Repharmawater. In the field of assessing environmental relevance and toxicity NEPTUNE will also work in a complementary way to e.g. Erapharm, Omniitox and Reclaim Water.

Some of the relevant projects related to NEPTUNE are:

Reclaim Water
COST 636



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