Work Packages (WP)

Work Packages (WP)

NEPTUNE consists of 6 workpackages, covering different aspects. Within NEPTUNE there is a strong cooperation between the technical work packages WP 1 and WP 2 and the contaminant and toxicity assessment WP 3, in the tasks dealing with the removal and the fate of micropollutants and pathogens. These three WPs provide a major data input to WP 4 for the assessment of environmental sustainability and best practices.


WP 1: Technologies for WWTP Upgrading to decrease effluent (eco-)toxicity, to optimise nutrient removal and energy consumption and to improve sludge handling and reuse.

Work package leader: Adriano Joss, EAWAG, Switzerland,


WP 2: Novel Technologies for energy production from wastewater, sludge inertisation, recycling of nutrients and sludge organics, and novel oxidation processes for (eco-)toxicity and pollutant removal.

Work package leader: Forrez Ilse, LabMet, Belgium,


WP 3: Contaminant and Toxicity Assessment to evaluate the investigated treatment processes, plant optimisation measures, fate of compounds during treatment, sludge disintegration processes and sludge quality of primary and secondary sludge to improve quality of (secondary) sludge for use in agriculture.

Work package leader: Lachmund Christine, BfG, Deutschland,


WP 4: Assessment of Environmental Sustainability and Best Practices of the technologies investigated in WP 1 and 2, including cost/efficiency considerations.

Work package leader: Henrik Fred Larsen, DTU, Denmark,


WP 5: Dissemination Activities with broad involvement and information of stakeholders, regulators, policy makers and Advisory Board members

Work package leader: Weemaes Marjoleine, Aquafin, Belgium,


WP 6: Coordination and Management Activities

Work package leader: Hansruedi Siegrist, EAWAG, Switzerland,